eight mother palms
Baguazhang Internal Energy Cultivation
and Body Conditioning Method

Mother Palms are Eight Forms for Conditioning the Soft Tissues, Small Muscle Groups, Ligaments, Tendons, Joints and Fasciae of the Body

Dynamic Meditation, Internal Energy Cultivation and Upper Body Training Combined

Simultaneously Develops Martial Skill and Whole Body Strength





circle walking

mother palms

single palm

pre-heaven palms

post-heaven palms

tao stretching






Ba Mu Zhang (eight mother palms) is the dynamic way Baguazhang practice cultivates internal energy, conditioning the body's soft tissues, maintaining correct body alignment and developing martial power, while continuously walking in a circle.

MOTHER PALMS , are a dynamic kind of Qigong (life-force practice) practiced in baguazhang (eight trigram palms) that open, build and restore the energy channels within the body, as one walks in a circle. There are eight basic upper body postures or shapes that are held while walking through the different circular patterns and directions, and each shape can be held for various lengths of time, which transition smoothly from one shape to the next without breaking the flow.


Ba Mu Zhang / Eight Mother Palms are designed to primarily train the body's small muscle groups, tendons and soft tissues (such as the ligament, joints, and fasciae) to maintain proper bone alignment and posture; this is one of the core training methods practiced in the internal martial arts for developing martial skill and whole body power. Additionally, variations on these eight basic forms and or energy themes can also be practiced, with an emphasis on connecting the different palm shapes to each other and maintaining consistent energy flow to all parts of the body.