Dynamic Meditation Method of Baguazhang

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Method and Mind Calming Ways of the Taoist

Natural Energy Science that Soothes the Mind, Calms the Emotions, and Boosts the Body's Immune System

Internal Energy Practice that Seeks Stillness Within Movement







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Above, Joseph is practicing "Holding the Moon" posture as he walks in a circle, one of baguazhang's many hand and arm positions used for energy cultivation and meditation.
Circle walking meditation is a dynamic way to quiet a busy mind, a way to calm the negative affects of extreme emotions, and a way to restore a scattered spirit back into an integrated whole. The practice simultaneously builds internal power, aerobic fitness, physical strength and nimble footwork, through the use of continuous movement.


Based on the spiritual principles of the ancient Taoist ("mystic scientist" who follow the Natural Way and Truth of the Universe) the core of the circle walking meditation practices teaches to "seek stillness within movement." By continuously stepping in circular patterns and going at varying speeds, one can train the body/mind to find a still point inside where everything feels centered balanced and effortless.


Circle walking training also gives one the ability to transform negative/heavy energies into lighter more positive energies. The constant going around and around mimics a recycling plant that can filter-out impurities from dirty water and only leaves the pure clean drinking water. The resulting purified fluids and energies can then be stored back into one's navel center, called the lower tantien (the part of the body that functions as a human battery) for building-up immunity against disease and for increased physical-mental-spiritual capacity.


Regular practice greatly facilitates a return to a more natural breathing rhythm, which has a strong calming affect over the whole body, if maintained for an extended period of time of 20-30 minutes. Additionally, this combined skill of practicing deep abdominal breathing while continuously rotating in circles naturally roots one to the earth, grounding and harmonizing one within one's immediate environment. This not only helps to bolster an individual's spirit but also naturally teaches one to respect the space and spirit of others, dissolving the ego's need for self-importance by softly going around and around in a circle.